Paolo Renna

The Paolo Renna collection is designed from the need of comfort and style in sporty glasses and exudes Italian allure. These lightweight glasses are made of a strong type of plastic called TR 90 and are therefore very durable.

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Paolo Renna sunglasses

Since the Paolo Renna collection reflects the Italian lifestyle, each pair of glasses is stylishly designed while offering optimal wearing comfort. The glasses are suitable for both sports activities and casual occasions.

Top 3 sunglasses from Paolo Renna

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Paolo Renna sunglasses from TR 90

TR 90 is a very strong plastic that is almost unbreakable. A large part of the Paolo Renna eyewear collection is made of this material. View the top 3 best-selling products from the Paolo Renna collection made of TR 90 below.

Top 3 sunglasses made from TR 90


TR90, pearl silver to grey, rubber black nose ear pad, nickel logo


TR90, aluminum blue, rubber blue nose ear pad, matt silver logo


TR90, orange to crystal grey, rubber grey nose ear pad, nickel logo
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