May we introduce ourselves?

Euro-Optics has been one of the leading suppliers of sunglasses and reading glasses in Europe.

The large and divers collection of Euro-Optics contains a broad variety of glasses and accessories for men, women and kids suitable for every part of the day and every season.

Apart form the basic collection, Euro-Optics offers the collections of a variety of brands with different styles and price ranges.

Glasses on request

Euro-Optics is your specialist in developing unique glasses on request. We develop glasses in different materials, colors, paterns and packaging with or without logo.

Besides simply supplying our glasses, we also specialize in stimulating sales for your business with our displays and promotion materials. This way we can support your sales by offering qualitative glasses and help presenting them the right way in your store.

At Euro-Optics we have an competitive pricing structure and offer excellent services which we perfeclty adjust to accomodate your business needs.

Interested? You are always welcome to vist the showroom or website.

If you have questions or suggestions please reach out to us through our contact page.

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