Optical glasses with the perfect price-quality ratio

Are you looking for high-quality optical frames with beautiful finishes? Then, the material cellulose propionate, also known as CP, will certainly meet your requirements.

Together, we explore the possibilities and put together the desired collection for your brand.

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In a nutshell. What is CP?

CP stands for cellulose propionate. CP is a thermoplastic material made by mixing cellulose flakes, propionic acid and acetic acid. The result? Small transparent beads that are heated to be fused in a mould.

Want to add a colour or pattern? No problem. Using the colouring technique ‘surface dye’, various colours and patterns can be added.

CP frames can be recognised by the colouring technique used, the metal reinforcements inside the glasses and the smooth feel at the points where the side of the glasses meets the front.

What makes these glasses perfect for opticians?

Frames made of CP are frequently used as optical eyewear because the lens in the frame can be easily replaced. With simple, minimal adjustments to the frame, the current lens can be replaced. This makes damage to the frame or lens a thing of the past.

cp frames Euro optics

What is the difference between CP and acetate?

Spectacles made of cellulose propionate are at first glance difficult to distinguish from those made of cellulose acetate. But the differences are definitely there.

Great stability
Glasses made of CP are harder than those made of acetate. The hardness ensures that the glasses have great stability and are more resistant to warping. With this material, it is thus important that the base of the frame is absolutely perfect. Subsequent major adjustments to the frame are not possible.

Retains its beauty for longer
CP glasses wear down less quickly than glasses made of acetate. This is because they are more resistant to warping and hardly fade. The colour stays nice for longer, keeping the glasses looking new.

Despite acetate already being an extremely light frame, propionate is even lighter. When using a thin frame design, a CP frame can be up to 30% lighter than a frame made of acetate.

Whether you are looking for frames made of CP or acetate, Euro Optics is the right place for both.

Or have a look at the acetate options.

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Your frame made of CP

Whether you opt for glasses from the standard collection or prefer to create your own collection, both are possible with frames made of CP.

Would you like to create your own collection of CP glasses? Then please keep in mind that the minimum order quantity is 600 pieces. These 600 pieces can be divided into three different colours.

Prefer a completely custom-designed pair of glasses? That is also possible. However, in that case, there is a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces. This is because the frame is made by injection moulding, and a specific mould needs to be designed for the desired frame.

We assist you from A to Z.

Is your CP collection on the shelves? Time to start selling! At Euro Optics, you can choose to manage the entire process yourself, but it is also possible to outsource this to us.

If desired, we can take care of both the stock and distribution of your new eyewear collection. Curious about what else is possible? Then be sure to get in touch with us. We are happy to assist you, from A to Z.

If you need our warehousing service, we will be happy to arrange that for you.

Production, storage and distribution are professionally organized and you have a continuous view of your own product line.