Acetate eyewear. A collection with optical quality and durability.

Quality is of paramount importance to both Euro Optics and many business owners. With glasses made of acetate, your customers will enjoy high-quality glasses. Durable due to its long lifetime and suitable for everyone due to the anti-allergic material.

Curious about our wide collection of acetate glasses, acetate sunglasses and acetate reading glasses?

Vrouwelijke acetaat zonnebril Euro Optics

What is acetate?

Acetate is a light, yet incredibly sturdy and flexible material. The base of acetate is made from plants, cotton or wood pulp. The acetate frame is cut from a block of acetate and then moulded under high temperatures into the correct shape. Because of its flexibility, it is possible to shape the glasses by hand some more, so that they have the perfect fit. Acetate is an anti-allergic material, making the glasses suitable for everyone.

Custom-made quality eyewear

Together we develop your custom-made acetate eyewear collection.

The material acetate makes it possible to design transparent eyewear as well as eyewear with duo tones and mixed colours. From reading glasses and sunglasses to prescription glasses.The design together with the durability and high quality of the glasses, puts your brand in a new light.

Buying and selling eyewear. Unburdening from A to Z.

Together we design the new eyewear collection and take care of its production and delivery.

Once the new collection is on the shelves, you can opt to outsource the entire warehouse process as well. If desired, we will take care of the stock and distribution of your new eyewear collection.

If you need our warehousing service, we will be happy to arrange that for you.

Production, storage and distribution are professionally organized and you have a continuous view of your own product line.