At Euro-Optics it’s possible to order custom made sunglasses. You’ll start choosing a model from the regular collection of sunglasses on our website. Add the comment that you want to print, for example; “print our logo on it”. All models of all brands are available to be customized. There’s a minimum amount of sunglasses per order and the delivery time is a little bit longer than with normal orders, but the quality remains the same! Additionally, all glasses have been produced according to the European EG norms.

Put your inquiry together in the form below, or if you’ll need more information, you can read about all the possibilities for custom sunglasses on this page. After filling in this form, you’ll receive a not binding quotation from us.

    How do I order custom sunglasses?

    1. Choose a model to your liking
      Have a look at the current collections of our own brands and remember the Article ID. Fill this in in the form above.
    2. Communicate your wishes
      Once you’ve found a model to your liking, tell us what colour the frame and lenses have to be. Nothing is impossible for us; practically everything is possible.
    3. We send you a tailored, not binding quotation
      After looking at your inquiry, we’ll send you a tailored, not binding quotation. It is possible that we’ll contact you before to talk us through your wish-list.
    4. We deliver your order!
      The regular delivery time is 90 days. During Chinese new year this is 120 days.

    Minimum order amount for customized sunglasses is 600 glasses per model with a maximum of three different colors.

    Printing on sunglasses

    Of course it is possible to print a logo on your sunglasses. This can either be printed or lasered. Upload the file with your logo and add this to your inquiry. We’ll take the colors and size of the logo into consideration when making the quotation for you.

    We only print on sunglasses that have been ordered with us.

    Custom Accessories and options

    Of course you can choose models with polarized lenses, or add these to a model that doesn’t have polarized lenses in the standard options.

    You can make your order complete with custom made accessories such as cases, covers, glasses cloths, etc. with your own logo or design.

    Send us your inquiry for custom sunglasses

    Are you interested in custom made sunglasses? Fill in the form on this page and we’ll send you a tailored quotation that fits your wishes. If we’ve any additional questions about your request, we’ll contact you. If you’ve any questions yourself, you can contact us through our contact details on this website.

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